2000 16.2h Holsteiner gelding by Riverman for sale
Your Sound, Solid Second Level Show Horse and best friend!


first try
second try
Schooling show 3rd level
He has an excellent very SQUARE halt

He thinks he is 5!!
lead changes

Finances force sale... River is my favorite horse ever, he is a best friend and really fun to ride. When I got him I had only ridden training level, he taught me contact, connection, lateral movements and collection! This horse will teach you to ride correctly, when asked with correct aids, he does it very well! Never says no, always tries hard. He is literally the most fun horse I have ever ridden, my favorite! He will reward you if you ask correctly so it is easy to learn movements on him. He is easy to catch, lead, load, ties crossties stands tied to the trailer and for farrier. He stands like a statue for hours of grooming, bathing, clipping, even his ears! He is good at new places and is easy to stretch low in his warm-up, light in the bridle, soft off the aids, responsive, easy to get round and through and has SUPER medium and extended trot and canter and an automatic square halt! He has great shoulder in, haunches in and out and half pass at both trot and canter, and both directions equally well!. He is solid in his counter canter and simple changes. He is as good in snaffle as in double bridle. He has been to tons of shows, mostly schooling shows due to my budget. His rated scores at second level are lower than he is capable of because I was just learning to ride properly (as you can see in the video) and the latest ones had third level lead change "itis" as anyone who has schooled changes knows! Since then I have worked more on second level rideability and not anticipating a flying change. Our latest scores I also went off course twice so I screwed up our scores alot! He knows flying changes and collected canter but I have never ridden at this level so can't seem to get them consistent, hence selling as a second level horse. A knowledgeable experienced dressage trainer probably will have no problem, but I would rather he is not pushed too much at his age. He deserves a good lower level home. He has not had any joint injections or vet maintenance and is sound. He is also fun to go camping with and highline ties overnight and is an amazing trail horse even through water. He is grey but has no melanomas. He has super conformation and big solid feet. He wears plain steel shoes, no special shoeing needed. Low mileage, prior owners did mostly trail riding. Super sweet personality, deserves an owner who is his best friend. NO JUMPING!!! He came out of an abusive jumping situation and I will not sell to anyone who wants to jump him.
$8900.00 USD with consideration to the right home.



He loves PBJ sandwiches!


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