Gorgeous inside and out!

Sept 2010 SNJHA Reserve Champion Crossrails Horse
Lexi won the flat in a class of 10!

Big Bear ACTHA Competition Sept 11, 2010

Double registered Appendix (1/2 TB mare) APHA (solid) and AQHA (appendix)
16h and growing!

She is a real 3 Day Event candidate with her mind, build and dressage gaits but is currently winning the Hunters, She has a great overtrack walk and loose strides in trot and canter. Her 2 siblings out of the same mare are in Kentucky successful in Dressage and Eventing. Pics show western tack, but she schools in Dressage and jump tack at home. Lexi is started over small crossrails and 2'3" verticals, she accepts bit contact and is starting to work in a more advance frame but keeps great cadence and maintains her speed on a loose rein in all 3 gaits. She is adjustable in all gaits as well.

Lexi has the best mind I have EVER met, calm smart friendly (but not rude), just the sweetest most easily trainable horse! She has a solid natural horsemanship foundation and is started in  dressage training and cavaletti work, and lunging in side reins. She stands tied quietly for the farrier, leads, loads, bathes, trailers and goes places calmly, has no vices or bad habits. I ride her in groups or alone, she gets along with other horses and is pleasant to ride alone too. She has a laid back attitude that seems to say "oh, OK!", she knows lateral work (leg yield and moves her shoulder and hip independently with leg cues) we are starting to work the hindquarters under with rollbacks off the fence and circles.

Her conformation is extremely correct with clean properly put together legs and hip/shoulder angles, she is a well built strong package, big enough for a man and pretty and soft enough for a girl or lady.

She has a very soft mouth and gives her poll both laterally and vertically and has a want to please attitude.

Only for sale cause I have 2 warmblood broodmares and am planning for room and time for the babies.

 I LOVE THIS ONE! She is very special - I know every ad says that but over the years I have bought and sold and rode ALOT of horses and this one is special. I was going to have her inspected as a warmblood breeding candidate but found a great Dutch broodmare instead...                 Back to Sale Horses

Trail ride near Kolob, UT

Trail Ride Mt Charleston, NV Aug. 2010