SOLD!!! George

UPDATE scored 68.8% in Rated CDS Dressage show last weekend at Cooper Ranch May 30, 2010

George is a registered, branded Oldenburg gelding who has trained up to 3rd level and shown in 2nd level dressage (CDI), he has a lifetime USDF membership. His registered name is "DVORAK" and he is by Der Radetsky out of Windfolla
He has evented Novice level as a 5 year old and then focused on dressage for about 4 years (his owner had a neck surgery and could no longer jump) but he is jumping again 3 ft courses and will be Eventing again at Novice level.
He is a big solid, sound guy who is capable of continuing up the levels.
George was at the Leslie Law clinic in Phoenix Dec 12-13, 2009. Leslie rode and jumped him and these are exact quotes from him about George:
"This is a good horse, I quite like him." "This horse could jump a house." "This horse will get you through intermediate but I don't think he'll go advanced, he is too slow"

He is priced FIRM at $13,000.00

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