14 year old TB Equitation/Jumper type, also great for 3 day!
Woodie has great feet and correct clean conformation, no injuries, bows or splints.
Honest, brave, well mannered, goes forward and comes back, jumps from anywhere (long or short spot), forgives rider errors (see videos).
Very sweet and has a great people oriented personality, fun to ride (we like to ride bareback too).
This horse acts like an 8 year old has all the heart you will ever ask for but is very well trained & manageable for an intermediate rider.

This was his first time at this Facility and the first time this rider had ridden him (she has not jumped for a few years and is rusty). I unloaded him tacked up and shot this video after he warmed up for a few minutes. What a GOOD BOY!

Good Sport

3 foot


He is offered at $4,500.00 and can be seen or tried in Las Vegas.

Call Sharmane in Las Vegas 702-263-7477 or 702-807-8678, or email me: mailto:horse@legalnurseusa.com