Unbeatable Grand Prix Schoolmaster
2000 Hanoverian Gelding by Weltmeyer
 "Wild West" aka Westin


There is no way I can give proper credit to this horse, he is truly the perfect schoolmaster!

He knows all the tests and movements up to and including Grand Prix, and he knows his job. He knows his tempi changes including 15 one's (I haven't figured that out yet). He has his piaffe and passage. He will teach you the movements and the feel of riding at the highest level. He is the most SAFE and tolerant horse I have ever met or ridden! He tolerates death grips on the reins and with legs even spurs but will also be as light and as responsive as you learn to let go and ride more from your seat and finesse with the aides! He will "dumb down" to whatever ability is on him but "perks up" to being properly ridden with lightness and sensitivity. Don't let his size fool you, I am under 5'4" and we were told many times by observers and judges that we were a good team. He is safe because he is not spooky at all and has definitely been there and done that so he is not "hot" but is not dull either. He has been so many places that no matter the venue, indoors or out, judges booth, table, banners or whatever he won't bat an eye!

I came late to my first PSG show and literally only had about 5 minutes to warm up before my test so we just did a quick walk, trot and canter and went in to get my score towards my medal! I have earned all of my USDF medals on him Bronze, Sillver and GOLD!!! For years people told me that a schoolmaster was worth their weight in gold but I kept thinking I couldn't afford it UNTIL I bought Westin: he was the best investment I have ever made!!! I struggled for years at training and first level until I decided to quit wasting my time and money and START RIDING!!! So really, even thought Westin is the best education you will ever find and he can send your dressage off the charts; if you don't buy him, please make sure you find yourself a schoolmaster. Westin is capable of scores at every level in the high 60's and 70's with a rider who has figured out that level. I rushed through the levels not waiting to improve our scores in order to achive my personal goal of a Gold medal before I turned 50.


Westin is a perfect gentleman on the ground and in crossties, he stands patiently for grooming, mane pulling, body clipping (no sedation even for face and ears) and braiding. He will stand tied to the trailer and travels well, leads, loads, good for farrier etc. He literally has NO bad habits or vices! He is easy to catch because he comes to you to be haltered.


Video links to all my shows on him starting at third level and including my first time riding him (don't laugh, just see how he helped me!). Youtube channel sharmane2000.

  Oct 2016 My first ride on him
  April 2018 GP score #1
for GOLD medal
  May 2018 Sat Grand Prix
(score 59.12)
  May 2018 Sun Grand Prix
One TEMPIS (15)  USDF SCORES for Wild West

I am offering him for sale as an opportunity for someone to learn and grow as much as I did and then hopefully allow him to slow down or retire. He is very happy here living outside with the option to be inside at his choice and to have a buddy to live with (currently my yearling filly). He is healthy and has super big hard feet and wears plain steel shoes, he has never had laminitis. His price is extremely reasonable as he does require prescription medication that costs $98.00 per month. I have his training and veterinary history, records and x-rays since he was a yearling and will gladly share that information with his new owner. The price is $28,000.00 USD, no leases, trials or payments, possibly flexible to perfect home.
I am reluctantly selling him because I have 3 other young prospects to bring along and a limited budget!


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